the seasons – a little poem

When you spend a lot of time at home you become very aware of your surroundings. Well, I do. I like to marvel at how quickly the year passes by the state of a tree in our front yard which, is affectionately known, as fluffy tree. This particular tree is deciduous and so it is my marker for the seasons changing.

I know when it’s spring

the flowers come out

the birds sing

and life begins.

When it’s summer the sunshine warms your heart

the water cools your skin

and everybody plays until it’s late and time to come in.

When Autumn starts, the leaves change colour and fall from the trees.

It starts to get cool.

In Winter, it’s cold and you get all rugged up from head to toe.

It’s nice to stay inside all warm and cosy and

when the rain stops, we play outside in the puddles

then come inside for hot chocolate, a change of clothes and warm cuddles.

I know when it’s spring

the flowers come out

the birds sing

and life begins,


Speaking of change I would like to share a little quote with you. Every year I like to buy a diary because no matter how hard I try I much prefer things to be written down with pen and paper than using my phone as a diary and for reminders. It just doesn’t work for me. And besides, part of the fun is to source just the right diary with nice pictures and quotes. This was my favourite quote from my 2014 diary (no author mentioned). When I have time I would like to find a picture of a sailing boat, print the quote underneath it and hang it above the entry door to our home. I think it is a nice little reminder as you leave the house…….

“You cannot change the wind, but you can adjust your sails”.


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