Nightclubs vs. Nap time

When I finished putting both the boys down for their afternoon naps the other day I literally felt like I had just left a nightclub. Apart from the fact that it wasn’t 2am and I hadn’t been drinking everything else was pretty much the same. It was incredibly loud, very busy, I significantly lacked any personal space and I couldn’t wait to get out of there. Remember it? Cast your mind back to those days when you walk into the back room of a club, the strobe lights are going and you have to literally push through the sea of people with considerable force to get anywhere. The music is so loud you have to shout at the person next to you “I can’t hear what you’re saying! What did you say?” And then you wave at them, defeated by the sheer volume of the music as if to say “forget it”. You can’t actually hear yourself think either and so you last about 10-15 minutes because there is no room to dance and good luck if you want to hold onto your drink without it spilling on you or someone else. So you leave and you are like “Whoa, it was SO noisy in there”. Personal space back, check. Ear drums back, check.

The regular nap time routine is a couple of stories and then off to bed quietly for the arvo sleep. Not today. The boys were playing nicely on the floor together and then all of a sudden it was as if I had given my three year old a large bowl of fruit loops, and then added extra sugar. I was trying to read a book to Master 1 but he had linked his arm with my left arm, like you did when you had to do Year 7 barn dancing, and was using it to swing off me like a crazed Monkey. He was running his grubby feet all over the walls and then crashing on the bed in hysterics. I wasn’t laughing. I was precariously trying to hold and read the rather large book with my left hand far enough away from my 8 month old who was trying to grab it and potentially rip the pages and eat it.  Meanwhile, Tarzan is repeatedly swinging off my arm causing the book to bounce up and down and I have the little one on my other hip crying in my ear and frantically gumming at my shoulder because he is so hungry and desperately tired. I did manage to get through the book but no one actually heard it even though I was practically yelling the story just to break through the sound of the crying baby and the hysteric screeching of the monkey swinging three year old. It was 10-15 minutes of madness. I closed the book, tucked him into bed and then left, fearing the worst but miraculously, he went to sleep. Fed the baby, put him in the cot, and left………… and of course breathed a small sigh of relief………. Ear drums back, check. Personal space back, check.


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