You know you are a mother of boys when

  1. Your house has become a race track for cars or a sprint track for running. Or both.
  2. You know every superhero name AND their villains
  3. Your child’s first word was OUT as in “I want to go outside because the pure thought of being couped up inside is bringing me to tears” – Master Two at 13 Months.
  4. Even sitting requires moving
  5. Sport – really no further explanation required here
  6. Balls – as above
  7. Household items have become bats – spoons, chopsticks, spatulas, rulers etc
  8. Parks and playgrounds are your very dear friends
  9. Having a civilised meal in a restaurant is virtually impossible
  10. “Please don’t jump on……….” and “Please don’t jump off…….” are common phrases in your day
  11. You have started carrying a packet of bandaids in your bag.
  12. It is impossible to leave the house without taking food.
  13. Three words sum up their day Eat, run, sleep – Repeat.

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