photo (5)Hello and welcome 🙂

I am a mother of two beautiful boys and, in my pre-mum life, a registered Psychologist. However, since becoming a stay at home mum I have re-connected with my inner “crafter” and embarked on many sewing and craft projects with a particular interest in cloth dolls. My nanna was a very talented sewer and porcelain doll maker. Sewing and making things with the tools she once used, reminds me of her. I have grown up with a love of art and craft, also influenced significantly by my mother. I have a love and passion for creating and have always, since I was a little girl, had a project on the go. I have tried my hand at knitting, decoupage, cross-stitch, stamping, card making and poetry writing. I love letter writing, re-purposing, recycling and being thrifty. I also enjoy gardening and in particular, propagating.  It can bring you such joy when you see something that you nurtured from a cutting, ‘take’ in the ground and become it’s own plant. I know that sounds corny but when I get around to posting about it and you try it and it works….well, you will want to start creating your very own (inexpensive) instant garden.

My source of inspiration

Books! I love books and there are a few stand out that are always a go to for perusing and dreaming about the next project. I also love old things, vintage, and antique. Pieces that have a story. I am a collector and have held on to all sorts of sentimental things that remind me of my own or my families past. I hope to use these as inspiration in some of my future projects.

I suppose I could consider myself a third generation sewer and I am thoroughly enjoying exploring it and sharing it with everyone. It has already brought me great joy that the pieces I have made are out there being used and enjoyed.

What I hope to achieve

I am currently working towards personally hand-making rather than store bought gifts for new bubs and the little girls in my life. I would dream of an outdoor studio in our garden where I can retreat to, crafting away and selling my handmade dolls and other special little pieces to people all over the globe. Oh! to dream.


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