from the sewing room – personalised bunny softie and memory doll

Bunny Softie with felt earsPersonalised Bunny Softieback of bunny softie

So I have been busy “mothering” my two boys who get busier by the day. Master two is nearing 1 and whilst he isn’t close to walking I have deemed him a “race crawler”. You cannot leave him for a second and as soon as he knows you are watching, he builds up his pace to race. Particularly when you catch him trying to chomp down on a shoe, a rock or any other inanimate object he suspects is tastier than the food I serve him on a daily basis. Nothing like a good old fashioned chew down on a rubber door stop. Yum mum. A lot of things have changed for me in the last month or so, mainly around the supervision of the boys and the intensity of their play. Its become….boyish, rough and tumble, physical. It is incredibly difficult to discipline your three and a half year old around being gentle with physical contact when Master two is laughing after being almost full body slammed. Or when I am trying to snap the older one out of ridiculous nonsensical talk which is loud and literally grating on my nerves, because I would like our baby to actually (eventually) develop proper words, only to find that he is being incredibly amused and thinks his older brother is a hero for entertaining him with gobbledy-gook. I was telling a friend just today how amazing the difference between the two boys at this age. Master One was page turning at 10 months of age and would sit with great intensity listening to stories (and still does), and by 11 months we would have book marathons. Number two wants to chew. Chew the books. I have tried to sit with him and just when I think the story session is going swimmingly, he grabs the book, flips it over and tries to give it a good munch. I have the thinker and the do-er. Oh what a pair!

So, I suppose as my boys get more boy-ish I choose to enter my zone of extreme crafting! My most recent piece is photographed above. A personalised bunny softie made especially for a new baby girl. What a perfect little gift for little babes due around Easter. I also embarked on somewhat of a “memory” doll. It gave me much pleasure to design and make a doll for the daughter of one of my best friends. But this was a special doll as it was made out of one of her favourite little tutu dresses. I would love to make more of these if people are willing to sacrifice a dress that might otherwise just end up in a box somewhere, instead, they can have their own little memory doll. A wonderful keepsake for their daughters.

From dress to dollRosie's Doll


from the sewing room

From time to time I will post from the sewing room my creations for the little people in my life. These two little beauties are ‘Mother and Baby’ who will be off to a good home soon. They are quite small. Perfect for little hands. I got the idea of the hearts from my “100 Dolls, Countless Hearts” book. There was a lady who mentioned that every doll she created she would always add a heart (even if it couldn’t be seen). I loved this idea so thought I would add them to these two.

Mother and baby