DIY – Kids Terrarium

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I love being in the garden. Wherever I can I try to involve the boys and today whilst I was making some cuttings from a succulent plant in the garden I thought Yes! Lets make a Terrarium. This was SO easy and didn’t cost anything to make. What you need:

1 x plastic container “(any shape or size. I used an empty flour container)


Soil from the garden

Plant cuttings (from succulent plants preferably as they propagate easily)


Place stickers on the inside, the themes are endless but we made a space garden! You could make a dinosaur or fairy theme. Place dirt/soil up to the line of the picture, as you want to be able to see the background. Push cuttings into the soil. Water lightly (you don’t want to water too much. You could use a spray bottle).

We put the Terrarium in the boys bathroom. The plants will like it in there as it will get humid when you run the shower or bath.